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Lerne leckere und wunderschöne Torten zu backen. Mit Grundlagen, Ressourcen, praktischen Anleitungen, Rezepten und dem Backwissen von Jessica Siemens aus 15 Jahren Backerfahrung, sodass du mit Sicherheit jede Torte backen kannst und jede Torte gelingen wird.

Backutensilien Guide

In diesem Backutensilien Guide findest Du die essentiellen Utensilien um besser Torten zu backen, aus mehr als 15 Jahren Erfahrung für Dich ausgewählt!

  • Candy Cake – Best Croquembouche Recipe

    22. November 2023

    Oh Christmas tree – or rather Oh chocolate dream? A beautiful birthday candy cake. Christmas time is approaching and for many baking enthusiasts that means it is baking season. In addition to cookies, gingerbread and Christmas stollen, this candy cake is an unusual candy theme cake for everyone. Many of you probably know that I…

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  • Moist Pistachio Raspberry Cake Recipe

    9. October 2023

    Are you ready for a flavor explosion? I’ll show you how to make this super moist Pistachio Raspberry cake recipe. This Raspberry Pistachio with mascarpone icing combines moist pistachio cake layers, fresh raspberry puree, an irresistible mascarpone pistachio frosting, and filled with more pistachio spread and chopped pistachios. Making this pistachio layer cake is easy…

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  • Easter Bunny Cake Recipe – Blueberry cake with lemon buttercream

    23. March 2023

    An Easter bunny cake made super easy, with this recipe and super delicious with a spring-like taste including lemon blueberry cake layers and a fresh lemon buttercream in between. The cake is cut in half from a 26cm / 10inch baking pan, with a layer of lemon buttercream and then folded up to form a…

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  • German Bee Sting Cake Recipe

    9. September 2022

    This German Bee Sting Cake recipe is a favorite and very popular among German cake recipes and definitely part of famous cakes from around the world. When making traditional German cakes, the recipe for Bee Sting Cake is made with fluffy yeast dough, a crunchy layer of almonds on top and a whipped custard frosting…

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  • Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe – Homemade Buttercream Frosting for Cake

    19. August 2022

    The best Swiss meringue buttercream recipe which is my absolute favorite as this professional buttercream frosting recipe is soft and the best to cover cakes with because it is perfectly smooth for a perfect flawless look. I’ll show you my best tips for an easy Swiss buttercream recipe here. There are many more insights and…

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  • First Day of School Cake – Top Forward Cake – Stracciatella Cake with Cherries

    29. July 2022

    Coming up with First Day of School Cake Ideas is really easy, especially with this Top Forward Cake design. For this 1st day of school cake with ice cream cone, I simply used an ice cream cone as school cone, it’s a German tradition to have this one the first day of school and it looks…

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  • White Wedding Cake With Flowers – Raffaello Mango, Strawberry Buttercream, Lemon Curd

    1. July 2022

    This white wedding cake with flowers is a modern white wedding cake icing with beautiful buttercream lines and incredibly delicious flavors. The first tier features a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and salted caramel frosting, the second tier consists of vanilla sponge cakes with Raffaello whipped cream cheese frosting and mango puree, and the…

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  • USA Pinata Cake – Striped Cake Design – Red Velvet, Banoffe Pie Filling

    18. June 2022

    It’s so easy to make a striped cake design! I’ll show you how to make a striped cake tutorial. This USA cake is also a pinata cake recipe where you can hide a surprise in the cake. I choose the Raffaello sweets and sprinkles for this stripe cake recipe. The taste of this cake is…

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  • Moist Chocolate Cake Homemade

    3. June 2022

    You can find the recipe for the moist chocolate cake homemade with chocolate buttercrem here! A moist marble cake with a chocolate buttercream which fits perfectly together and is full-bodied in taste as it is not too buttery nor too sweet, but perfectly balanced. Which chocolate cake is best? Definitely this one! Chocolate Marble Cake…

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  • Savory Cake – Father’s Day Cake Ideas

    13. May 2022

    One of the best Father’s Day cake ideas you’ll find is this savory cake recipe, which can make easily yourself. On the one hand it looks beautiful and festive and on the other hand it contains two delicious savory fillings. Homemade bread with two delicious layers consisting of an Italian sandwich and a classic club…

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