I help passionate hobby bakers to bake special and delicious cakes with my recipes and with my online classes, in which I teach the basics of cake baking, give practical instructions and the best tips for sustainable baking knowledge, so that every cake is a success and that you can develop your own cake recipes!

How it began

Do you want to know my story? Well, my passion for baking began when I was little, in my mom’s kitchen. Fast forward, I am sharing my passion for baking on this cake blog! Growing up in Germany, Bielefeld, and partly in Georgia (no it’s not the state Georgia but the actual country which is next to Russia), I had great friends and family who supported me to outlive this passion.

I was only 13 years old when I baked my first two tiered cake. There are many food blog websites existing, but over the years I gained more experience in baking and this is where I am now, sharing my passion for creative celebrations cakes, wedding cakes, some of my favorite recipes and healthy baking.

This is not everything. There is so much more history in between 13-year-old Jessica and where I am now. I have lived in different countries on different continents and everywhere I went, I brought my passion with me and was astonished by different baking cultures in various countries. All this influences my baking and the innovation and creativity I bring to it. Starting a food blog is my way to share my passion and this is my story of a cake blog! You can also find out more about me in this interview.

coucoucake – passionate. creative. innovative.

Passionate. It is my hobbycraft to create beautiful wedding cakes such as naked cakes, drip cakes, but also sculpted celebration cakes or a creative birthday cake. Next to it there are also my all time favorites, the best carrot cake, banana cake or New York Cheesecake. And you’ll find many more cake blog recipes!

Creative. There are no limits, neither in flavor nor in appearance, this is exactly what I love. Extraordinarily looking cakes are the most fun to bake, for me. A beer cake, with actual beer in it, that looks like a beer mug cake or a Tree trunk cake with delicious chocolate cream cheese frosting. Next to living out my creativity by baking, I also do it with the food photography, displaying the cakes and sweets nicely and taking beautiful pictures of them!

Innovative. Who says you cannot put meat in a cake? Yes, meat. I like to think outside the box. I once baked a meat layer in a wedding cake, which was the best surprise for the groom, one could imagine, clothed in a beautiful Naked Wedding Cake.

Where and what am I doing?

Right now I am living in the beautiful Bad Salzuflen, Germany, even though I am working for a company in Amsterdam. In 2019 I moved to Amsterdam, but came back to Germany in winter 2020. Here I am doing an exciting office job, I am not kidding, it is really exciting! Next to that I am baking and blogging, dancing salsa, travelling when possible, playing guitar and do investing in my free time.

Coucou – the story behind the name.

France. I was 16 years old and did a student exchange in Lyon, France. After only three months of exchange I was deeply impressed by the French pastry cuisine, that I started to create and name my facebook page ‘Coucou Torten’. Coucou is French and means ‘hi’, torten is German and means ‘cakes’. When I then came up with cake blog ideas and cake blog name ideas, I wanted to stick to my story and named it coucou as well!