Gesunde Snack Riegel selber machen

November 13, 2020

Prep time: 10 minutes

Serves: 6-8

Do you need more sweet & healthy recipes? I have plenty for you! All of them are healthy, sugar-free, vegan, easy to make with only a few ingredients! These recipes range from no-bake cakes to delicious snacks made within a couple of minutes. You can find all of them in my ‚Sweet & Healthy‘ ebooks!


These homemade healthy bars with dates and nuts are so easy to make and with this recipe clean eating is super simple. These healthy snack bars are crunchy, chewy, chocolatey and the best healthy snack! I must admit that I love the combination of dates and nuts, dates are healthy natural sweeteners and add this nice chewy texture to the snack bars and the nuts are the healthy fats which add this crazy delicious crunchiness. Not only these contribute to this unique and amazing flavor, but also the dark raw cacao powder and cinnamon, they make it unbelievably good. For more healthy recipes check out:

Healthy Date Bars to make at home

When I created this recipe I was looking for a very easy recipe for healthy homemade chocolate bars to make at home. The only thing needed is a good food processor, as the dates should be processed to a puree. Importantly to use pitted soft dates, sometimes there are dried dates in supermarkets, but those are not ideal to use for this recipe, as they are often not resulting in a good puree.

Thus, soft dates are ideal, and to make it even easier, buy dates without pits. In order to make these healthy snack bars at home not even an oven or other heat is needed, only the ingredients, a food processor and a mold to form those bars, are needed.

Healthy bars have a lot of benefits, as they taste incredibly good, but also contain a lot of vitamins, healthy fats and proteins. Additionally, nothing is heated up, hence no vitamins are lost, so we can even call them raw snack bars or raw chocolate bars! As proteins also make you feel full faster, these healthy homemade protein bars are perfect for a good snack.

Homemade Healthy Bars Recipe

These are literally the best healthy snack bars! This easy recipe is made within 10 minutes and only a couple of ingredients are needed. A recipe clean eating is easily implementable with! It is gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, thus a vegan recipe and full of proteins.


First, the dates are put in a blender or food processor with the milk of your choice. Once it results in a beautiful homogenous puree, the nuts are added and processed together. Now we add some more ingredients which are super healthy and make it the best healthy snack bars! We add chia seeds, flax seeds, shredded coconut and nut butter. These add so much good flavor to the bars! This not everything, we also add raw cacao powder and cinnamon.

Can it get any better? Yes! The process of making probably takes 5 minutes, now this mixture is put into a cake pan or mold, which is laid out with parchment paper. Evenly spread and push down with a spoon. Then all those good toppings can be added: some crushed nuts, nut butter and melted chocolate, which ideally should be free of refined sugar.

Energy Bars Recipe No Bake

Once these healthy energy bars are put into the fridge to become nice and firm, they can be taken out and cut into beautiful snack sizes. The best part about this energy bars recipe, they are low fat, low calorie and surely ideal for weight loss! As I just explained how these are made, it is a snack bar recipe without oven, which makes it a super easy recipe for clean eating.

No heat is needed, no cooking, no bake. I can totally recommend this best healthy snack bars recipe for a healthy diet and nutrition! I always need something chocolatey during the day, sometimes it is a healthy chocolate porridge or a sugar free hot chocolate, but these healthy chocolate bars are also so satisfying and delicious!

Gesunde Snack Riegel

  • Preparation time: 10 minutes
  • Servings: 6-8


Gesunde Snack Riegel

  • 150g Datteln, soft & entkernt
  • 100g Nüsse
  • 15g Backkakao
  • 1 EL Chiasamen
  • 1 EL Leinensamen
  • 1 EL Nussbutter
  • 20g Kokosraspeln
  • 1 EL Milch nach Wahl
  • Toppings, Schoko, Nussbutter, Nüsse


    1. Datteln und Milch in einer Küchenmaschine oder mit dem Pürierstab glatt pürieren.
    2. Nüsse hinzufügen und weiter mit der Küchenmaschine verarbeiten, sodass nur einige Nussstücke übrig bleiben, aber die meisten zerkleinert sind
    3. Alle anderen Zutaten, außer die Toppings hinzufügen und vermengen
    4. Die Mischung in eine mit Backpapier ausgelegte Form geben und leicht andrücken, die Toppings daraufgeben und 30 Minuten bis 1 Stunde kühlen lassen, danach Streifen schneiden.


  • Esterina Corsiero

    Oktober 27, 2021 at 5:08 pm

    Ist Datteln gehört Mejodol oder normal Datteln?

    1. coucoucake

      November 5, 2021 at 9:57 am

      Hallo Esterina!
      Du kannst Softdatteln oder Medjool Datteln verwenden. Bei Medjool Datteln, 15 Minuten in heißem Wasser einweichen lassen und gut abtropfen/ ausdrücken, somit werden die auch weich.

  • Eva

    März 9, 2022 at 12:59 pm

    Hallo, was kann ich statt Nussbutter verwenden? Geht normale Butter auch? Oder evtl Mandel- oder Erdnussmus? LG Eva

    1. coucoucake

      März 9, 2022 at 2:31 pm

      Hallo Eva,
      Ja jedes Nussmus würde hier funktionieren, jedoch ändert sich der Geschmack je nachdem was du verwendest, und die Konsistenz könnte etwas anders sein. Daher einfach mal ausprobieren. Butter geht hierfür nicht.

      1. Eva

        März 9, 2022 at 3:00 pm

        Vielen lieben Dank für deine schnelle Antwort. Ich versuche mal ein Nussmus.

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