• Danube-Wave-German-Flag-Cake-Donauwelle-Torte-Deutschland-Flagge (9)

    Danube Wave Cake with German Flag

    September 27, 2020coucoucake

    Since I grew up most of my life in Germany, I got to know the Danube Wave Cake, in German, ‘Donauwelle Torte’, as a little child. It is a pretty traditional German cake and absolutely delicious! It combines a basic cake, cherries, buttercream and chocolate – what else is needed? This Danube Cake  recipe tastes like the original recipe, but looks different, with the German flag inside and out! Find the entire ‘making of’ in my Instagram Highlight. If you are looking for other great cake recipes, get inspired by: Modern Black Forest Cake Beer Mug Cake Yule Log Cake…

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  • Modern-Black-Forest-Cake-moderne-Schwarzwälder-Kirschtorte

    Modern Black Forest Cake

    August 27, 2020coucoucake

    This modern black forest cake in naked cake style originates from the traditional black forest cake recipe but I tweaked in some additions which really enhance the taste and make it an unbelievably delicious cake. The original recipe is fairly easy and has three main components: chocolate sponge cakes, cherries and whipped cream. In this recipe I am adding a crunchy cookie layer at the bottom of the cake, which is found in traditional German cakes as well, and a chocolate ganache to give it some more chocolate! Therefore, it makes it the best black forest cake recipe! You can…

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