• Pistachio_Raspberry_Cake_coucoucake

    Moist Pistachio Raspberry Cake Recipe

    9. October 2023coucoucake

    Are you ready for a flavor explosion? I’ll show you how to make this super moist Pistachio Raspberry cake recipe. This Raspberry Pistachio with mascarpone icing combines moist pistachio cake layers, fresh raspberry puree, an irresistible mascarpone pistachio frosting, and filled with more pistachio spread and chopped pistachios. Making this pistachio layer cake is easy to make, because all these components are simply layered. On the outside it has the semi-naked cake look, due to the thin mascarpone frosting on the pistachio berry cake. For the pistachio cake decorations a drip of white chocolate or white Deco Melts was made…

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  • naked-wedding-cake-with-caramel-drip-coucoucake (1)

    Naked Wedding Cake with Caramel Drip – Passionfruit Frosting, Raspberry Buttercream, Caramel Frosting with Toffifee

    11. February 2022coucoucake

    There are plenty of naked wedding cakes ideas but this one with caramel drip glaze is truly unique! This naked cake with flowers has caramel sauce dripping down on the sides and a unique floral decoration paired with pomegranate and figs. The flavors of this vintage wedding cake are fantastic too; the top layer consists of passionfruit Greek yogurt frosting and raspberry buttercream and the bottom layer is made of caramel cream cheese frosting, Toffifees, Nutella and toasted hazelnuts. Naked Wedding Cake Recipe This semi naked wedding cake recipe is so incredibly delicious and actually very easy to bake! I…

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