• Walnut-Brownies-Recipe-Walnuss-Brownies-Rezept (14)

    Walnut Brownies Recipe

    April 8, 2021coucoucake

    Classic chocolate Brownies with or without walnuts. It is a Walnut Brownies recipe, but in case you have a walnut or nut allergy you can simply leave them out. They are fluffy, chocolatey and covered with the best chocolate ganache one could imagine with these brownies. Next to that they are made really fast and simple with only a few ingredients needed. You can view the entire step by step baking process in my Instagram Highlights For more classic and easy recipes, check out my Jessi’s Favorites section Chocolate Brownies From Scratch There many kind of variations when it comes…

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  • Christmas-brownies-recipe-weihnachts-brownies-rezept (6)

    Christmas Brownies Fudgy Recipe 6 Ways

    December 18, 2020coucoucake

    This is probably the easiest holiday treats recipe for kids and grown-ups: this Christmas Brownies fudgy recipe. It is a delicious fudge brownies recipe, decorated like a flat Christmas tree cake, a Christmas present cake, reindeer cake, snowman cake, Santa hat cake or Christmas baubles cake. For all of these we need almost the same toppings and they make up the best and beautiful pops and bites for everyone. You can view the Christmas tree brownies video and the making of in my Instagram Highlights. For more creative recipes check out my celebration & creative cakes section. Easy Recipe for…

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  • Healthy-sweet-potato-brownies-recipe-süßkartoffel-brownies (4)

    Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies

    December 2, 2020coucoucake

    Turning regular cake recipes into healthy a version is actually pretty easy, you just need to know how. These healthy sweet potato brownies as gluten free, sugar free and dairy free and full of natural proteins. They definitely do not compromise in taste as they are chocolatey, fudgy and really delicious. I have tried quite some healthy recipe cakes, brownies and snacks over the years and there is quite some experience needed to figure out the perfect ratio of the different ingredients to make it sweet, delicious and healthy. For more healthy recipes, also check out: Low Carb Cheesecake Healthy…

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  • Healthy_avocado_brownies-dairy_free_avocado brownies

    Best Healthy Avocado Brownies

    June 30, 2020coucoucake

    Chocolate makes you happy! It’s a fact. When eating chocolate it enhances the production of endorphins in our bodies and those are hormones which help to manage stress. So, it is basically scientifically proven. And I can totally agree that chocolate is delicious, amazing and HEALTHY! This avocado brownies recipe is super easy to make and really healthy. It only contains all the good ingredients, benefiting our body and is super fugdgy and good. I am using avocados for the cake batter to get it smooth and fudgy, substituting butter or unhealthy fats und the chocolate frosting is mainly made…

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