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    Pineapple Coconut Porridge Recipe – healthy & vegan

    January 28, 2021coucoucake

    For this delicious pineapple coconut porridge recipe you’ll need less than five minutes to make it! Caramelized pineapples in a creamy coconut milk porridge – and it is all healthy, sugar free, dairy free and vegan! There is no need to cook this pineapple coconut porridge in a sauce pan or whatsoever. There are two simple methods of making this oatmeal porridge pina colada style either in the microwave or just pouring hot water over it and it’ll be ready within a minute. The combination of the caramelized pineapple in syrup or honey and creamy coconut milk make it truly…

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  • apple-cinnamon-porridge-recipe-apfel-zimt-porridge-rezept (5)

    Apple Cinnamon Porridge Recipe

    January 12, 2021coucoucake

    One of the most delicious combinations: apple and cinnamon. Good for the body and good for the taste buds! For this apple cinnamon porridge recipe, we only need five minutes of preparation. We make this porridge instant pot in the microwave or just pour hot water over it. There is no need for cooking it, baking it or whatsoever, we only heat up the apple pieces separately, which only takes a couple of minutes. This healthy apple cinnamon nut porridge microwave recipe is perfect for a delicious lazy morning breakfast or a perfect healthy substitute for apple pie. You can…

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  • chocolate-peanut-butter-porridge-recipe-schoko-erdnuss-porridge-rezept (5)

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Porridge Recipe

    January 6, 2021coucoucake

    You only need 5 minutes or less for this delicious, healthy, vegan chocolate peanut butter porridge recipe! We make this porridge in the microwave or just pour hot water over it and it’ll be ready within a minute. There is no need for a sauce pan, cooking or whatsoever. The combination of the dark chocolate porridge with cocoa powder, the peanut butter and the banana is perfect and makes it taste like a peanut butter cup porridge or reese’s porridge. You can find more details and video tutorials on my Instagram Account Check out my healthy recipes section for more…

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