• Pistachio_Raspberry_Cake_coucoucake

    Moist Pistachio Raspberry Cake Recipe

    9. October 2023coucoucake

    Are you ready for a flavor explosion? I’ll show you how to make this super moist Pistachio Raspberry cake recipe. This Raspberry Pistachio with mascarpone icing combines moist pistachio cake layers, fresh raspberry puree, an irresistible mascarpone pistachio frosting, and filled with more pistachio spread and chopped pistachios. Making this pistachio layer cake is easy to make, because all these components are simply layered. On the outside it has the semi-naked cake look, due to the thin mascarpone frosting on the pistachio berry cake. For the pistachio cake decorations a drip of white chocolate or white Deco Melts was made…

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  • lemon-meringue-pie-recipe-coucoucake10

    Best Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe

    4. March 2022coucoucake

    A crunchy crust with a super creamy and refreshing lemon filling and fluffy meringue on top. The best lemon meringue pie recipe which is incredibly delicious! When I was doing my voluntary work in Chile in 2015, I came across the best lemon meringue pie filling that was unbelievably good. Of course, it was a lot sweeter there and I tweaked this lemon meringue filling recipe to perfection. You can find even more impressions and videos of the Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe on my Instagram account! Get inspired by more simple and quick cake recipes under the category ‘Jessi’s Favorite Cakes’…

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  • new-year's-eve-cake-fault-line-cake-coucoucake (23)

    New Year’s Eve Cake – Fault Line Cake – Cookie Dough Cake

    19. December 2021coucoucake

    A beautiful and easy New Year’s Eve Cake recipe in style of a semi Fault Line Cake design – it’s gold, it has glitter on it, perfect to start into the new year! Beyond this beautiful look of this cake the taste is simply amazing and I can tell you, you won’t get enough of it. It is a cookie dough cake! Moist vanilla cake with lots of chocolate chunks, a light vanilla German buttercream with pieces of chewy cookie dough. This is when chocolate chip cookie meets cake. Simple Fault Line Cake First, what is a fault line cake?…

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  • christmas-wreath-cake-cake (17)

    Christmas Wreath Cake

    5. December 2021coucoucake

    This Christmas Wreath Cake recipe is really easy to make, even though it looks a bit more elaborate. There’s no special equipment needed, just a bundt cake pan, green food coloring and a piping bag and piping nozzle. That’s all! This Wreath Cake recipe consists of a juicy, nutty chocolate cake covered with German vanilla buttercream, which is colored green. Then we only need to decorate the Christmas wreath bundt cake with Christmas cookies and sprinkles. You can find even more impressions and videos of the Christmas Wreath Cake on my Instagram account! Get inspired by more simple and quick…

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  • Apple-Cinnamon-Cake-coucoucake

    Best Apple Cinnamon Cake

    26. November 2021coucoucake

    Are you also a baked apple fan, gingerbread lover and cinnamon fanatic? Then you’re totally right here, because this is the best Apple Cinnamon Cake recipe which contains all of that and together it all tastes phenomenal. A super moist cake made with oil and spiced with cinnamon covered in speculouus spiced German buttercream and now comes the best part: the baked apple. It all fits perfectly together and the baked apple adds a super delicious freshness to this easy Christmas cake. You can find even more impressions and videos of the Apple Cinnamon Cake on my Instagram account! Get…

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  • Raspberry-Linzer-Tart-Recipe

    Raspberry Linzer Tart Recipe

    12. November 2021coucoucake

    This Raspberry Linzer Tart Recipe is phenomenal! The authentic Linzer Tart almond flour recipe enhances the nutty flavor of the crust and matches perfectly with the fresh raspberry puree. It is nutty, fruity and just really delicious. I’m showing you how to make Linzer Tart cake recipe super easy and quick with the best recipe, instructions and ingredients. You can find even more impressions and videos of the Linzer Cake on my Instagram account! Get inspired by more simple and quick cake recipes under the category ‘Jessi’s favorites – quick and easy’ Where Do Linzer Tarts Come From? Are Linzer…

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  • New Year Cake with Edible Cake Topper – Lemon Curd Buttercream

    27. December 2020coucoucake

    A party without cake is just a meeting. I totally agree! With this New Year cake with cake topper it is the best way to start fresh into the new year! Besides the beautiful new year theme cake with chocolate drip and gold leaves and the custom cake topper in gold as well! It is not gold on the outside, but also on the inside! A rich vanilla cake with refreshing lemon curd filling and cream cheese frosting. Gold is the color of this New Year’s Day Cake. New Year Cake Recipe Let me tell you from the beginning, that…

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  • Christmas-Brownies-Fudgy-Recipe-six-Ways-coucoucake

    Christmas Brownies Fudgy Recipe 6 Ways

    18. December 2020coucoucake

    This is probably the easiest holiday treats recipe for kids and grown-ups: this Christmas Brownies fudgy recipe. It is a delicious fudge brownies recipe, decorated like a flat Christmas tree cake, a Christmas present cake, reindeer cake, snowman cake, Santa hat cake or Christmas baubles cake. For all of these we need almost the same toppings and they make up the best and beautiful pops and bites for everyone. You can see the entire step by step baking process in my Instagram Highlights. It would be great to also see you there, you can follow me to always stay up…

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  • Yule-Log-Cake-Buche-de-Noel-coucoucake

    Yule Log Cake – Buche de Noel

    9. December 2020coucoucake

    The traditional yule log cake, also called buche de noel, is the ultimate Christmas recipe. It looks stunning, like a tree stump and tastes super delicious! This cake originates in France and the traditional buche de noel is made out of a rectangle shaped sponge cake, filled and rolled with chocolate buttercream. One end or both ends are cut off to resemble branches of a tree. The entire yule log cake is covered in chocolate buttercream and bark is carved into the chocolate. Often it is decorated with edible mushrooms to make it look like a Christmas cake. There are…

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  • Healthy-Sweet-Potato-Brownies-coucoucake

    Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies

    2. December 2020coucoucake

    Do you need more sweet & healthy recipes? I have plenty for you! All of them are healthy, sugar-free, vegan, easy to make with only a few ingredients! These recipes range from no-bake cakes to delicious snacks made within a couple of minutes. You can find all of them in my ‘Sweet & Healthy’ ebooks! Turning regular cake recipes into healthy a version is actually pretty easy, you just need to know how. These healthy sweet potato brownies as gluten free, sugar free and dairy free and full of natural proteins. They definitely do not compromise in taste as they…

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