• best-New-Year's-Cake-ideas-Silvester-Torte-ohne-fondant (8)

    New Year Cake with Edible Cake Topper

    December 27, 2020coucoucake

    A party without cake is just a meeting. I totally agree! With this New Year cake with cake topper it is the best way to start fresh into the new year! Besides the beautiful new year theme cake with chocolate drip and gold leaves and the custom cake topper in gold as well! It is not gold on the outside, but also on the inside! A rich vanilla cake with refreshing lemon curd filling and cream cheese frosting. Gold is the color of this New Year’s Day Cake. You can view the entire making of in my Instagram Highlights. For…

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  • Christmas-brownies-recipe-weihnachts-brownies-rezept (6)

    Christmas Brownies Fudgy Recipe 6 Ways

    December 18, 2020coucoucake

    This is probably the easiest holiday treats recipe for kids and grown-ups: this Christmas Brownies fudgy recipe. It is a delicious fudge brownies recipe, decorated like a flat Christmas tree cake, a Christmas present cake, reindeer cake, snowman cake, Santa hat cake or Christmas baubles cake. For all of these we need almost the same toppings and they make up the best and beautiful pops and bites for everyone. You can view the Christmas tree brownies video and the making of in my Instagram Highlights. For more creative recipes check out my celebration & creative cakes section. Easy Recipe for…

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  • chocolate-buche-de-noel-yule-log-recipe-Bûche-de-Noël (3)

    Yule Log Cake – Buche de Noel

    December 9, 2020coucoucake

    The traditional yule log cake, also called buche de noel, is the ultimate Christmas recipe. It looks stunning, like a tree stump and tastes super delicious! This cake originates in France and the traditional buche de noel is made out of a rectangle shaped sponge cake, filled and rolled with chocolate buttercream. One end or both ends are cut off to resemble branches of a tree. The entire yule log cake is covered in chocolate buttercream and bark is carved into the chocolate. Often it is decorated with edible mushrooms to make it look like a Christmas cake. Watch my…

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  • Healthy-sweet-potato-brownies-recipe-süßkartoffel-brownies (4)

    Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies

    December 2, 2020coucoucake

    Turning regular cake recipes into healthy a version is actually pretty easy, you just need to know how. These healthy sweet potato brownies as gluten free, sugar free and dairy free and full of natural proteins. They definitely do not compromise in taste as they are chocolatey, fudgy and really delicious. I have tried quite some healthy recipe cakes, brownies and snacks over the years and there is quite some experience needed to figure out the perfect ratio of the different ingredients to make it sweet, delicious and healthy. For more healthy recipes, also check out: Low Carb Cheesecake Healthy…

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  • 3-tier-rustic-wedding-cake-toppers-hochzeitstorte-vintage-naked-cake (20)

    Rustic Wedding Cake in Vintage Style

    November 25, 2020coucoucake

    Semi naked cakes in vintage style are beautiful as wedding cakes, as they have this rustic wedding cake look, where you can see through the cake batters. It is only covered with frosting and decorated with either fruits, flowers, powdered sugar or chocolate drip, all of this together makes it a truly vintage wedding cake. This 3 tier wedding cake has one chocolate tier and the others exist of vanilla sponge cakes and other fillings, this simple wedding cake has one very unusual tier, which is not sweet but really savory. It is inspired by the traditional German ‘Mettwurst’. Read…

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  • pumpkin-pie-crust-amerikanischer-kürbiskuchen (2)

    Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe

    November 5, 2020coucoucake

    A classic recipe for fall season, but I could definitely eat it all year long! This pumpkin pie recipe is definitely the best go to recipe from scratch, very easy and it is so good. You can view the process of baking in my Instagram Highlight. It is the combination of this irresistible crust and the moist and creamy pumpkin filling, with the pumpkin spice flavor. For more indulging and easy recipes check those out: Easy Banana Bread with vegan option Moist Carrot Cake Simple New York Cheesecake Modern Black Forest Cake Homemade and easy Pumpkin Pie from scratch Some…

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  • banana-bread-easy-recipe-bananenbrot-einfaches-rezept (2)

    Best Banana Bread with Vegan Option

    October 27, 2020coucoucake

    The classic banana bread – so easy to make and everyone loves it. In all those beautiful cafes where they offer a couple of pastries, you’ll usually find banana bread as well. The most delicious part about it, how moist the cake is and together with those crunchy nuts it is the perfect combination. The recipe is fairly simple and really easy to make at home in literally just five minutes. View the ‘making of’ in my Instagram Highlight! For this recipe I am only using a couple of ingredients, which turn out to such an amazing and delicious cake.…

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  • Danube-Wave-German-Flag-Cake-Donauwelle-Torte-Deutschland-Flagge (9)

    Danube Wave Cake with German Flag

    September 27, 2020coucoucake

    Since I grew up most of my life in Germany, I got to know the Danube Wave Cake, in German, ‘Donauwelle Torte’, as a little child. It is a pretty traditional German cake and absolutely delicious! It combines a basic cake, cherries, buttercream and chocolate – what else is needed? This Danube Cake  recipe tastes like the original recipe, but looks different, with the German flag inside and out! Find the entire ‘making of’ in my Instagram Highlight. If you are looking for other great cake recipes, get inspired by: Modern Black Forest Cake Beer Mug Cake Yule Log Cake…

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  • Modern-Black-Forest-Cake-moderne-Schwarzwälder-Kirschtorte

    Modern Black Forest Cake

    August 27, 2020coucoucake

    This modern black forest cake in naked cake style originates from the traditional black forest cake recipe but I tweaked in some additions which really enhance the taste and make it an unbelievably delicious cake. The original recipe is fairly easy and has three main components: chocolate sponge cakes, cherries and whipped cream. In this recipe I am adding a crunchy cookie layer at the bottom of the cake, which is found in traditional German cakes as well, and a chocolate ganache to give it some more chocolate! Therefore, it makes it the best black forest cake recipe! You can…

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  • Cream Tart Ring Cake

    July 30, 2020coucoucake

    It is unbelievable how delicious this cream tart recipe is, together with its appearance this cream tart ring cake is the perfect celebration for an engagement a wedding or another celebration, as the design flexible. The flavor of this strawberry cream tart cake as it consists of crunchy cookie layers with cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberries in between. For this cream tart recipe I am decorating it with some sweets such as Raffaello, Giotto, cherries and strawberries. Most importantly, the cream tart ring cake needs to be prepared one day before serving, to let the cookie layers become soft,…

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