• White-Wedding-Cake-with-Flowers-coucoucake

    White Wedding Cake With Flowers – Raffaello Mango, Strawberry Buttercream, Lemon Curd

    1. July 2022coucoucake

    This white wedding cake with flowers is a modern white wedding cake icing with beautiful buttercream lines and incredibly delicious flavors. The first tier features a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and salted caramel frosting, the second tier consists of vanilla sponge cakes with Raffaello whipped cream cheese frosting and mango puree, and the bottom tier consists of vanilla sponge cakes with strawberry buttercream and lemon curd buttercream. Modern White Wedding Cake Recipe From Scratch Tier 1: carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and salted caramel frosting, 14cm / 5.5 inches diameter For this I took my best moist…

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  • naked-wedding-cake-with-caramel-drip-coucoucake (1)

    Naked Wedding Cake with Caramel Drip – Passionfruit Frosting, Raspberry Buttercream, Caramel Frosting with Toffifee

    11. February 2022coucoucake

    There are plenty of naked wedding cakes ideas but this one with caramel drip glaze is truly unique! This naked cake with flowers has caramel sauce dripping down on the sides and a unique floral decoration paired with pomegranate and figs. The flavors of this vintage wedding cake are fantastic too; the top layer consists of passionfruit Greek yogurt frosting and raspberry buttercream and the bottom layer is made of caramel cream cheese frosting, Toffifees, Nutella and toasted hazelnuts. Naked Wedding Cake Recipe This semi naked wedding cake recipe is so incredibly delicious and actually very easy to bake! I…

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  • tree-stump-cake-recipe-wedding-cake

    Tree Stump Cake

    1. October 2021coucoucake

    I made this tree stump cake recipe many years ago as a wedding cake and next to the wood cake look it is a lumberjack cake inside! It is all about that wood look! Even though this tree trunk cake seems to be a very difficult cake to make, it is easy when you know the step-by-step process and I’m taking you along in this tree stump cake tutorial. You can find even more impressions and videos of the this wedding cake on my coucouweddingcake Instagram account and my other cakes you can look up on my coucoucake Instagram account…

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  • small-wedding-cake-elegant-romantic

    Small Wedding Cake Elegant Romantic – Kinder Bueno Frosting

    20. May 2021coucoucake

    I baked this small wedding cake for my own civil wedding and it was a beautiful wedding cake elegant romantic with real flowers. We had a small celebration for our civil wedding so I decided to go with this simple wedding cake recipe which is basically a Kinder Bueno cake recipe. Inside this wedding cake white hide some fluffy chocolate sponge cakes with a simple Kinder Bueno cake frosting and crushed Kinder Bueno pieces. How to make a Small Wedding Cake For this simple small wedding cake recipe there is not much needed and it is better comparable to a…

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  • White-and-Gold-Wedding-Cake-with-Cake-Topper-coucoucake

    White and Gold Wedding Cake with Cake Topper – Mascarpone Strawberry Frosting, Kinder Chocolate Frosting with Nutella and Kinder Bueno

    18. February 2021coucoucake

    This 2 tier wedding cake is a simple white and gold wedding cake with cake topper. Not much needed here, but the beauty lies in the simplicity. It is a white and gold buttercream wedding cake with flowers and a DIY cake topper. As usual I always ask the couple for their flavor preferences and the result is a mascarpone strawberry frosting with milk chocolate pieces for the first tier and a Kinder Bueno inspired chocolate cream cheese frosting with Kinder Schokolade, Nutella and Kinder Bueno pieces. White Wedding Cake Recipe from Scratch It is a white and gold buttercream…

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  • Rustic-Wedding-Cake-in-Vintge-Style-coucoucake

    Rustic Wedding Cake in Vintage Style – Mettwurst, Reese’s, Raffaello Strawberry

    25. November 2020coucoucake

    Semi naked cakes in vintage style are beautiful as wedding cakes, as they have this rustic wedding cake look, where you can see through the cake batters. It is only covered with frosting and decorated with either fruits, flowers, powdered sugar or chocolate drip, all of this together makes it a truly vintage wedding cake. This 3 tier wedding cake has one chocolate tier and the others exist of vanilla sponge cakes and other fillings, this simple wedding cake has one very unusual tier, which is not sweet but really savory. It is inspired by the traditional German ‘Mettwurst’. Read…

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  • Elegant-Wedding-Cake-with-Flowers-coucoucake

    Elegant Wedding Cake with Flowers – Yogurette Frosting, Coffee Chocolate

    7. October 2020coucoucake

    This elegant wedding cake with flowers is the first two tier wedding cake I ever baked. Before I only baked three tier wedding cakes, and I can conclude that I absolutely love this floral wedding cake design which is simple, white, elegant and romantic. For a beautiful elegant wedding cake there is often not much needed, this simple elegant design with white buttercream and some flowers look wonderful and complete. The best part, it is really easy to make and I’ll take you along this wedding cake recipe including an entire tutorial on my Highlights on Instagram, you definitely need…

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  • Vintage-Wedding-Cake-with-Chocolate-Drip-coucoucake

    Vintage Wedding Cake with Chocolate Drip – Raffaello Strawberry, Oreo Chocolate, Napoleon Cake

    6. June 2020coucoucake

    Vintage wedding cakes are incredibly beautiful, and it is my favorite part of my hobby craft. The simplicity of those semi naked wedding cakes is not only beneficial to me, the baker, but also for its appearance and taste. It does not need a coating such as fondant. This drip cake has a super delicious chocolate ganache drip on every tier and here I show you how to make a vintage wedding cake. In my Instagram highlights, you’ll find step-by-step videos of how I am baking wedding cakes. For more inspiration check also this one out: Wedding Cakes I’m young but…

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